General Manager Eng. Kholoud Mahasnehs Visit to Aqaba Oil Terminal

Her Excellency began 2022 with a visit to Aqaba Oil Terminals, accompanied by a number of department managers to check on the status of staff and work in the terminal. During the visit, the general manager met with all employees including managers, engineers, technicians and operators where she 

gave a speech on the occasion of the new year start, in which she addressed several topics, mostnotably the welcoming of them to JOTC, since they have been transferred from the external employment company to the cadre of JOTC, which will improve the work environment in the company and increase the level of employee satisfaction.

Her Excellency emphasized the need to adhere to public safety instructions and raising the level of employee culture in work environment, through courses and continuous training, as she indicated that the employee is the most valuable asset, we have in JOTC, and that the employee is the future investment of JOTC. She added that this commitment will ensure safety of employees and will preserve company's assets, she also has emphasized the company's endeavor to develop and raise the skills and capabilities of all employees through internal and external training to advance and reach the highest levels and skills.

The General Manager assured the need to adhere to the implementation of all announced and approved policies, procedures and instructions to implement the best international practices in the terminals.

After completing the meeting, the employees thanked the General Manager and the management staff for the efforts made and the honorable results that JOTC had achieved during the past four years, and the achievements that made JOTC at the forefront of storage and handling companies in the Kingdom.