People Are The Heart Of JOTC

Our Employees

Our employees are the most important part of the company's assets, and therefore we are committed to hiring a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture where all individuals feel welcomed. Furthermore, we work continuously to provide all the support, necessary resources and training to our employees to make them perform their job to their fullest potential in order to deliver better results to our customers. In addition, we retain our skilled employees by taking care of their needs and finding innovative ways to increase their engagement, motivation and job satisfaction levels. 


Our Culture

People are the heart of our company. Our people make our purpose happen by continuously driving performance with a future mindset. We are open-minded and committed to constantly improve by listening to all of our employees and anticipating their needs. 


JOTC culture is mainly focused on the following perspectives:



Safety First


We value life above everything else and aim for zero free incidents


Protecting The Environment


We preserve our environment by reducing any unwanted environmental impact




We encourage our employees to think in unusual, creative and innovative ways