Ensuring Jordan’s Energy Supply

Amman Strategic Terminal (ASTPP)

ASTPP terminal is the biggest reservoir of petroleum products in the Kingdom. Covering Jordan’s demand for a certain period of time, this terminal is primarily used for the storage of the country’s strategic stock of petroleum products. This mega terminal has state-of-the-art infrastructure to meet world-class standards, making it one of the region’s most advanced terminals.


Terminal Type

Strategic Stock Reserve

Total Capacity (Petroleum Products)

425,806 CBM

Total Capacity (LPG)

30,080 CBM

Stored Products

Gasoline 90, Gasoline 95, Diesel Euro 3, Diesel Euro 5, Jet Fuel, Kerosine, LPG

No. of Tanks


Tank Types

External Floating Roof Tanks/ Fixed Roof Tanks

Tank Capacity (Each)

18,000 - 34,000 CBM

No. of Spheres


Sphere Capacity (Each)

3,760 CBM Each



Loading/Unloading Bays



Storage & Handling, Circulating


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Location: Amman Strategic Terminal, Al-Madounah