We Comply With The Highest & Safest Standards

Terminals Overview

JOTC operates 3 independent terminals distributed strategically in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, offering a total storage capacity of around 755,000 CBM for petroleum products and 41,360 CBM for LPG. We have been able to maintain consistently solid margins while steadily increasing tank storage capacities and throughputs.

We build, operate, and maintain our state-of-the-art terminals in accordance with the following national and international codes and standards:



Aqaba Oil Terminals (AOT)

AOT Terminal has been built to meet the current and future demand of petroleum products and LPG imports to Jordan.


Amman Strategic Terminal for Petroleum Products (ASTPP)

ASTPP terminal is primarily used for the storage of the country’s strategic stock of petroleum products.


Aqaba Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO Terminal)

Aqaba Heavy Oil Terminal’s products are called upon on a need-to-use basis to maintain energy security, and to export heavy fuel to foreign markets.




Storage Tanks:

Our storage tanks were built in accordance with the highest standards of quality and the best international practices.

Key features of our storage tanks:

Modern Measuring Devices: To determine the level of the liquid stored, its temperature, and calculate its density

Pumping Sensor: A sensor and a pump in the event of detecting a leak in the floor of the two-layer tank

Water Detectors: Water detectors inside the tank with water separation and drainage devices

Automatic extinguishing systems: Foam stone and cooling lines above tanks in case of fire

Low and high liquid level sensors: Lead to closing valves to protect pumps and tanks

Convertible Roof Drainage System: Drainage System for floating roof tanks

Flame, smoke & gas detectors: Flame, smoke, and gas detectors around tanks

Heat detectors: Tank surface temperature detector

Environmental Isolation System: Complete environmental isolation system for the entire floor of the tank basin in the event of a leak

Valve Control: Full control of valves and mixers from the control room



Loading/Unloading Stations:

The loading/unloading platforms in our terminals are equipped with the highest international standards and the latest technology for safe loading and unloading activities. In the event of any emergency, the system stops automatically without the need for any human intervention.


Key features of our loading/unloading stations:

Equipped with a bottom-loading system: This method achieves the highest levels of safety and ensures that the environment is not polluted by connecting the loading system with a vapor recovery unit, thus reducing losses, especially when loading high volatile gasoline.

Equipped with an upper loading system: This method is used to serve the old trucks, which do not contain a bottom loading system.

Collecting volatile fumes: Fumes coming from loading stations are collected into special tanks to protect the environment.

Flow control systems: All platforms are equipped with the latest flow control systems to calculate the amount of liquid flowing.