Future Of Jordan’s Oil Storage

Our Strategy

Our Vision

To be the most trusted and preferred logistics services provider to the oil and gas industry in Jordan and the Levant, and to maximize long-term return to our shareholders.

Our Mission

We are a profit-making company, established to ensure the security of fuel supply and promote a competitive petroleum products market in Jordan. We provide our customers, from the private and public sectors, with safe, reliable, and efficient logistics services (storage, and transportation) in a non-discriminatory manner, and according to the international industry standards by investing in our intellectual capital, building and operating world-class terminals in strategic locations across Jordan.

Our Values

 Health, Safety, Environment and Quality 


 Integrity & Responsibility 

 Customer Oriented 

 Learn Teamwork

Our Strategy


Our main strategy is to provide the private and public sectors, with safe, reliable, and efficient logistics services (storage and transportation), in a non-discriminatory manner and according to international industry standards. Our long-term strategy is focused on capitalizing on our core competencies in oil and gas storage and delivering higher productivity solutions today while positioning for the future.

Furthermore, we are investigating opportunities to diversify into services related to our core oil and gas storage business where we can leverage our expertise to offer clients a wide range of integrated and ancillary solutions. In order to drive our strategy forward, we adopted the Balanced Scorecard methodology to guide our execution.

This approach is oriented towards strategy management related to five major perspectives:



Internal Processes


Learning & Growth

We track our strategies, objectives, initiatives, and KPIs using a well-known Performance Management System and utilize its powerful features to unlock valuable insights hence making faster and smarter decisions.


Strategic Objectives