Information Systems advancement at JOTC

JOTC always seek to provide a reliable and scalable IT infrastructure and to improve business integrity and data accuracy at head quarter and both terminals at Amman and Aqaba to support integrate and optimize processes for all departments.

To do that JOTC completed the implementation of two major IT systems as a part to achieve JOTC strategic goal to acquire, develop and retain top talent, and enhance their productivity by reliable information systems as below:


Financial System

One of the most important departments of the company is financial department, and due to the sensitivity of the financial data, and in application of the company's management efforts to protect, organize and manage financial resources, building correct financial reports and avoiding human errors, financial system has been applied within audit controls and international standards.


Procurement system

Because of increasing the size of the company procurement, and to meet the vision of the company's process automation, it was effective to apply procurement systems in alignment with the government procurement systems and regulations, to reduce errors and organize the daily business of the company’s purchases and its facilities, JOTC purchased and implemented highly confidential and secure Procurement solutions.