Protect People & Environment


At JOTC, Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Quality (HSSEQ) are paramount; those are not just policies, but rather a message of intent and commitment, ensuring the health and safety of all people, the delivery of high-quality solutions to customers, and the minimization of environmental impact are at the core of JOTC operations.

We are committed to continuously exploring ways to facilitate a safe and efficient operation at all of our facilities to prevent all accidents, injuries, and occupational illnesses thus enabling us to focus on empowering people and protecting the planet.


Our Strategic Plan includes the perspective of sustainability with the following objectives:





We deliver the energy the world needs while protecting the environment 




We put people and communities at the center of everything we do 




We cultivate a culture of integrity and commit ourselves to do things in the right way

Our Environmental Policy


 Comply with all applicable law and regulations and apply appropriate international standards related to environment protection.

 Maximize the use of green energy and find solutions to reduce conventional energy consumption to prevent pollution.

Respond to emergency situations quickly and efficiently in order to minimize potential impacts of incidents should they occur.

Eliminate or reduce emissions, discharges and wastes from every stage of our operations.

 Prevent spills and pollution to air, soil and water.

 Prevent odor pollution.


Our Social Policy


Comply with all applicable law and regulations and apply appropriate international standards related to health, safety and security.

 Provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and contractors with adequate facilities and appropriate protective equipment.

Provide training and enhance competency of all employees supported by internal procedures and instructions.

Prevent and aim for zero safety, occupational and security incidents. In case of any emergency, we shall act quickly  to minimize the incident impact.

Inspect and audit our employees on their operational safety commitment and compliance.

Prevent theft, vandalism and terrorism (including cyber-attack) from happening through continuous identification and analysis of security threats.


Our Governance Policy


 Promote Health, Safety, Security, and Environment and consider this aspect as a critical business activity.

 Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to achieve targets by conducting regular audits to evaluate compliance with the targets and policies.

 Improve all HSSE reporting culture and ensure all incidents and other reports are investigated with corrective/preventive actions.

 Maintain an effective HSSEQ culture by proactive participation throughout the organization.

 Identify and analyze potential HSSE hazards/threats and implement measures to prevent, control and restrict the associated risks.

 Improve continuously the quality of our services, maximize operational productivity, and lower costs.